12-17 November 2015 Intensive Training days in the Western Cape, South Africa

In November 2015 instructor* Carola Beekman will return to your beautiful Western Cape for the 4th time to give YOU hands on coaching in your Straightness Training journey at private stable yards around the Western Cape.

Event headerCarola from the 12 till the 17th of November 2015, Carola Beekman will come to your stable yard for intensive training days. To train Horse & Rider in the Art of Straightness Training (developed by Marijke De Jong).

The intensive training days combine the theory and practice of Straightness Training. Carola will teach 4-6 participants in individual lessons. It is also possible to join as an observer/theory participant. You can observe the lessons and join the (interactive) theory, body awareness exercises and Q&A. Each rider will have two individual lessons.

The (interactive) theory is a selection of the following topics:

Physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual balance of horse and rider

Some examples of topics are: natural asymmetry; Straightness Training exercises, training pillars; biomechanics; the seat; rider fitness, body awareness, how rider and horse learn; how to deal with fears of rider and horse: how to develop feelings of self-confidence, pride, etc in humans and horses. Carola will adapt the theory to each individual intensive training day, tailor made to the questions and level of the participants.

During the individual lessons we train in the following training pillars:

Groundwork | Longeing | Work In Hand | Riding | Liberty Training

Schedule Intensive Training day:

Introduction-Theory- Q&A
Morning lessons for all practice participants


Theory- Q&A- Body awareness
Afternoon lessons for all practice participants

Your investment:
*****Special South Africa discount*****
Practice participant: R1500 (normal price R1900)
Theory participant: R400 (normal price R600)

If you’d like to train with Carola Beekman and host at your stableyard, for you, your friends and other Straightness Training enthousiasts, please contact her asap . Only 4 training days are available. First come, first served!

The locations of intensive training days and the available spots will be announced in the Facebook group Straightness Training South Africa.

Carola Beekman is looking forward to train with you and you amazing horses!

* Dutch Instructor “Rechtrichten’ Grade 3 (certified in Longeing, Work in hand and Riding) and joining in the ST Transformation Program 2015 to become an ST Instructor (Groundwork, Longeing, Work in hand, Riding and Liberty)

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