3 days of Straightness Training for Mastery Students 22-24 July 2014

affice 3 daagse Mastery studentenDo you want to give your training skills a huge BOOST? Join us at the 1,2 or 3 day training with straightness training instructor Carola Beekman!

With practical lessons, theory and Q&A and watching lessons of other students.

Training together with other students will give you a boost in your ST training skills! 
During your own private lessons you get my hands on guidians and by watching the other students working with me, you will train you ears and eyes.
The theory and Q&A sessions will give you the oppurtunity the get a direct answer to your questions and I will adress theory topics that relate to your questions and what is relevant for the practical lessons. And you can watch me train my horses and ask questions about the training

It is possible to join in for 1,2 or 3 days.

Riding school Stal Mansour in Arnhem

The horses are working in the ridingschool, they wiil know some basic ST, but it is up to your trainingskills to figure out how to teach them more. Of course I will guide you all the way!

To give you my undivided attention there is a maximum of 6 riders a day!

Your investment
1 day  €149,=
2 days €275,=
3 days €399,=
Prices include, drinks, snacks and lunch and the rental of the horses

Sign up here: http://www.carolabeekman.nl/contact/

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