8 tips what you CAN do, when you think you can’t train your horse

bad weatherIs it too cold, hot, snowy, rainy, windy? Here are tips what you CAN do to train your horse and yourself.

Tip #1 Do the exercises in standstill. Just take your horse out of his stall into the passageway. The stretching and flexing of the muscles will keep them activated and build up these muscles.
Tip #2 You can even do more in standstill, great to train topline muscles. You can play with the point of mass (POM). In straight forward down, you can slighty lift the head and then push your horse back as far it doesn’t have to step back. You will bring the POM back, so the horse takes more weight with the hindlegs and carries the head with the topline. Make sure the underline of the neck stays relaxed. The same exercise you can do in the left of right bending. You can push the POM more in the direction of the outside hindleg, this creates a free inside shoulder, a “shoulder in in standstill. Or you can push the POM more in the direction of the inside hindleg, this creates a free outside shoulder, a “haunches in” in standstill. When your horse understands the exercise, you can start rocking back and up and forward down alternately. (These are exercises from the Academic Art of Riding).
Tip #3 Do cross fiber grooming, it will keep the muscles and surrounding fibers supple. Check out the video for a detailed demo http://vimeo.com/30432166. And through this intensive grooming you will warm yourself up too.
Tip #4 Wrap yourself up in warm clothes and hang out with your horse. It will build up your relationship in a big way. Remember: horses LOVE to just hang out and BE with their friends. You can observe your horse(s), read a book, study equine and equitatian knowledge or……
Tip #5 Study horse training on websites, there is so much information, it will keep you busy for hours and hours. (Re) study your books
Tip #6 Watch videos f other trainer on their Youtube / Vimeo channels.
Tip #7 Study your own trainingvideo’s, it will train your eyes tremendously. And you can restart your training  with a clear picture in mind. And if you need a little help with training your eyes and come up with new strategies, I offer Remote coaching with live interaction through Skype, read all about it here.
Tip #8 Work on your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. So train your body, fight those gremlins, study and do what you LOVE to feed your spirit!
As a “straight” and balanced rider, YOU will be a better trainer for your horse!

Remember: Don’t think what you can’t do, THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN DO!

I’m sure there are more tips to share. If I think of more, I won’t hesitate to let you know! Who also has a nice tip?

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