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1-1-2014 Growing in my mastery, that’s what I’m going to do in 2014.

2014 plans for....As you can see many of my intentions the same as my developments in 2013. Others are in line with it. This has two reasons:

The development points I need to deepen and refine further.
For the moment I’m on a good path, and here is yet plenty to explore.

What are your goals for 2014? Write your comment below, I’m looking forward to read about your plans!

How can I help you achieve your goals? Please feel free to contact me.

31-12-2013 Reflecting in 2013

reflection on 2013


The year 2013 has been a valuable year. I could transmit so much knowlegde and also develop myself and Macho further. Thanks to all valuable people and horses that I have met this year.
There are too many to mention, however, a special thanks to André, Marijke de Jong, Noora Ehnqvist, Claudia Wolters, Suzanne Buijsse, Antoinette Denayer, Rebecca Gilbert and Sonja Braafhart for your mastery and partnership, and of course my brilliant horse Macho!

I wonder what you have experienced in 2013! What have you done to develop yourself? Please feel free to write your comment below.

24-12-2013 Merry Chrismas and a happy 2014!kerstkaart 2013 EN

15-12-2013 travelling to Germany

20131215_Rachel en Teun-kdcollageToday I travelled to Germany for a private lesson with Rachel Gerritsen and the Friesian horse Teun. It was a fascinating lesson with all aspects of straightness training. Teun is a young horse and he still has some trust issues to work on, he is easily spooked. Today was the first time we trained in the arena at their new stable.

There was a lot going on: The herd was ushered around the arena to the meadow. A tractor was driving around all the time, cleaning up and filling the hay racks. Teun had a hard time trusting everything was save, so we had to do a “masterclass emotional straightness training” in learning how to calm him down and get him to think about working and exercising again. To get him from his right brain (feeling panicking/ scared) to his left brain (thinking about the exercise). It was a big challenge for Rachel to stay calm en truly lead him thought the fear, back in to relaxation and concentration. So she can build up their relation of trust and strengthen her leadership. The moments of relaxation and concentration became more frequent and longer during the course of the lesson. Then we could work on physical straightness training. We worked on the LFS, he performed his first steps shoulder in under the rider. And with my help walking next to him, giving him the aids with the rein and the whip, he even showed us that he remembered the quarters in from the working in hand training sessions. It took him only a few moments to realise, I was asking him the same as before, only with a rider on top. He had a solid training from the ground, so we could benefit from that today.

Rachel and Teun, you did a great job! You took a giant step forward today….Very proud of you.

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