Straightness Training Clinic in Almaty Kazakhstan 2015

For Russian, see below. На русском языке читай ниже

On 31 January and 1 February 2015 I visited Almaty in Kazakhstan to teach Straightness Training. The event was organized by Maria Sytnikova and hosted by Marina Bukanova at her amazing venue Chamberlain. I was accompanied by Straightness Training Trainee Instructor Marina Krasilshchikova as my translator to Russian. Amongst the participants was a vet, several trainers/ instructors of Chamberlain and one lady flew all the way from Russia to join the clinic!

Saturday we started with Straightness Training theory. We started the day with a theory lecture about Natural Assymmetry and the “why” of Straightness Training, the exercises, their goals and the cues and aids we use during the work with the horse.
In the practice lessons we mainly worked on the exercises in standstill and LFS on the circle. Most horses hadn’t done anything with Straightness Training before, some horses had done a bit, their riders are in the Russian Home Study Course. We worked a lot on correct shape, balance and flexibility. After each lesson the students made Natural Asymmetry pictures. We use them for two purposes: to train our eyes in the theory lesson on Sunday morning and as “before Straightness Training” pictures.
After a wonderful lunch Marina and I presented the second theory lesson. We talked about our cues and aids in more details: the sequence in our aids, aiming for “invisible communication”, with energy and bodylanguage. And we explained how to motivate and teach a horse using the concept of the Motivation Quadrant. We concluded the lesson with giving everybody the opportunity of feeling neutral contact, pressure and release with the rein.
We continued with the practice lessons. It was amazing to see how much the riders and horses learned already! So we could move on to working on the LFS on the straight (shoulder fore).
On Sunday we used the theory to train our eyes with the Natural Asymmetry pictures we made on Saturday. What do we see and which exercises would help this horse? The second subject in this class was about emotional and mental balance. During the pratical lessons we continued with the physical exercises and worked on emotional and mental balance with some horses. In one of the lessons we worked on balancing the relationship, empowering the leadership of the rider.
After yet another wonderful lunch we did the last theory lesson of the weekend about how to prepare a horse for riding and how to study more Straightness Training after the clinic. We concluded the clinic with the practice lessons. Everybody made a lot of progress, so we could move on the the more advanced exercises: longeing and haunches in. Our last lesson was the icing on the cake where I could help the rider to teach her horse to focus on her and learn how to improve to concentrate on the work together. We first need the mind to be able to work on the body!
A huge complement to all the people in the stand. You came with a open and positive mind, creating a relaxed learning environment. You were concentrated, taking notes and asked lots of questions during the theory sessions and after the lessons. I’ve been on the stand many times and I know it’s hard work, so well done everybody!
What an amazing two days we spend together.


Valentina & Johny Walker | Maria B & Sharlin | Dana & Sultan | Maria & Amor
Aleksandra & Acita | Olga & Dos | Elena & Pilot | Yevgeniya & Amarigio
Natalia & Graciya | Elena & Regina

….for opening up to all the new knowledge and sharing your lessons with all the theory particpants.
Thank you Maria Sytnikova for the fabulous job in organizing this event and helping others on their ST journey, great job! Thank you Marina Bukanova, family and staff for welcoming us to your stunning Chamberlain Arena, taking care of us and serving us lovely meals. Elena & Maria and Valentina, thanks for making the most stunning pictures and video’s!

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сотрудничать. Перед работой над телом нам следует заполучить внимание рассудка!
Огромный комплимент всем участникам! Вы пришли на семинар с открытой и позитивно настроенной душой, создав тем самым прекрасные и расслабленные условия для обучения. Вы были внимательны, делали записи, задавали много вопросов во время теоретических занятий и после практических уроков. Я много раз сама участвовала в семинарах и я знаю, что это нелегкий труд. Так что вы молодцы!
Мы провели вместе два чудесных дня!
Спасибо, Валентина и Johny Walker, Мария и Шарлин, Дана и Султан, Мария и Амор, Александра и Акита, Ольга и Дос, Елена и Пилот, Евгения и Амариджио, Наталья и Грация, Елена и Регина!
Благодарю Марию Сытникову за замечательную работу по организации семинара и помощь остальным участникам, великолепная работа!
Благодарю Марину Буканову и весь коллектив восхитительного клуба «Чемберлейн» за теплый прием, заботу и вкусную еду.
Благодарю Марию, Елену, Валентину за великолепные фотографии и видео!
Спасибо за то, что прочитали отзыв о семинаре.
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