Training Philosophy

My training is a training system which aims to balance a horse both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We train the horses so that they become as symmetrical as possible in terms of muscularity and flexibility.  The horses become flexible and powerful in body, full of self- confidence and a sense of pride.

My training has origins in Academic horsemanship, an ancient study about training horses. Long ago the masters in horsemanship already knew that every horse is naturally asymmetrical and that you have to work with that fact in training your horse.

Natural Horsemanship has taught us how we can work together with horses on the basis of willing obedience. We also learned that each horse has its own character (horsenality).

To make  your horse teachable, you need to know its horsenality. Is he an extrovert or introvert, more thinking or feeling? Your horse becomes willing to work with you when you adapt to its horsenality. Then, your horse will experience pleasure of working with you. And learn that he/she can rely on you especially if your horse feels stress or anxiety. The training will give your horse confidence and pride,  this will reflect in body and appearance.

With training we are working on a combination of different dimensions:

– Physical balance of the horse – training as symmetrically as possible of strength and flexibility, so that the horse comes in to balance and capable to carry the rider.
– Mental balance of the horse- finding a balance between thinking / learning and intuition / emotions.
– Physical balance of the rider- rider fitness, improved use of legs, hands and torso, learning the timing of the aids, learning to develop a balanced seat that can  follow or lead the movement of the horse.
– Mental balance of the rider – balanced in thinking / analysis / learning and feel / control of emotions like fear and anger.
– The emotional and spiritual balancing of horse and rider and their relationship – the horse willingly accepts the leadership of the rider. The rider also dares to give the horse initiatives.  Finding a nice and fun cooperation, resulting in happiness, self-confidence and pride for rider and horse.

In short: This training system bridges the gap between the dressage training and Natural Horsemanship.

In my clinics I will give you and your horse tools, so you both learn to develop balance in body, mind and soul.

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